Metreco Cloud Connect

Metreco Cloud Connect

Metreco CLOUD Connect

Connect your Metreco to Metreco Cloud Connect with the Metreco Smart-Gateway!

Upgrade or new system?

The Metreco CLOUD Connect system is available for anyone.
As a problem free extension by adding the Smart-Gateway to an existing Metreco system.
Or in a completely new Metreco system with the Smart-Gateway and Metreco CLOUD.
With CLOUD Connect the handheld becomes optional.

Why is CLOUD Connect perfect for me?

  • easy follow up, vizualisation and reporting of all critical system values
  • short term & long term measuring, logging and monitoring
  • analyze a single system or multiple sites
  • connect to Metreco CLOUD using a WIFI, LAN-Ethernet or 3G/4G Key enabled Smart-Gateway
  • commissioning
  • troubleshooting
  • efficiency optimization


  • Real-time monitoring, Graphs,Trends & Analysis
  • All Critical System Values
  • Energy Performance Indices: COP, SCOP/SEER, SPF, SEI,COP Boundaries
  • Warnings (customizable)
  • Reports with sensor calibration traceability
  • Pressure Decay Test with Temperature Compensated Pressure
  • Vacuum Decay Test with Humidity Evaporation Curve relative to Vacuum Pressure
  • Multiple Gateways
  • Multi-site Trend Comparisons